interaction intervention Yield history and loyalty transformation

"Yesterday's mistake will become today's tradition, and tomorrow's science!" - Malayalam proverb.

We achieve business results by mixing people, process and technology in the right sequence.  And, we have been reengineering - redesigning, downsizing, continually improving and so on - ever since we received the seven steps to achieve significant levels of improvements in quality, time and cost. But, the results have been dismal..especially in the manufacturing sector to which these theories are primarily focused. Eventhough we have changed team, changed the game rules, and even the goal posts, the very same problems keep cropping up!. Franchising is the only game that seems to work for us! Why?

It is time to look at these theories and they really work ?! If not, why not?

Probably, they don't work because they are not true solutions. Probably, we are using the process reengineering as a rational to restructure ie.,. the "focus on process" is just the gimmick to take the focus away from people! 

The companies dig deeper holes when they ignore the product. Look at American auto industry! In order to cover up our inability to create a decent product, we use high sounding jargons like "customer MVA" - terms conveniently coined up by the high priests of management!.

Read on the virtues of ignoring the product - .."that company is Enron Energy Services, unit of Energy giant Enron..Focusing on customer need, rather than on your product line can work wonders" - Michael Hammer in The Agenda, page 42.

The restructuring gimmick, with the catchy jargons, must give way to sound transformation methodologies if we are to achieve lasting results. We need to understand the four pillars of transformation by looking inside - interactions, interventions, yield (goals/plans), and the bias (history).

This is not to say that 'customer value' is unimportant. On the contrary, industries where the concept of the product itself is shifting (service industry), 'customer value' is the key idea to work toward. Again, the implementation of customer value is best achieved by building on the four pillars of transformation.

Interactions are the bare minimum activities that are necessary to keep the business running. There is a specific way to handle them, if we are to succeed.  
It is time to reengineer the reengineering!
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